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We often stumble on great findings when we least expect them

Shine-Your-Light and create a better world for humanity

This song encapsulates the essence of what we, the humanity possess and how we should use such innate ability to recreate a harmonious world for everyone to enjoy. The lyrics directly relate to my messages given in my recently published book - A Civilised Beginning.

Deep down we don’t quite understand why humanity has been so systemically deprived from living in a cleverly designed civilised world. For a species that can land a spacecraft on a soaring asteroid and develop extraordinarily lethal weaponry, why is it that humanity has failed to create a cohesive, functioning and equitable social world?

However, we, the ordinary people have the ultimate power and capability to reshape our world as we see fit and create a heaven on earth if we first wake up from our social hypnosis and become aware of what we already freely possess. This song is dedicated to humanity.

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