The current ways & paradigms are what we need to question in order to create new life possibilities


Hamid Soltani is an author and the founder of Soltani Therapy. His main professional focus encompasses topics such as human and social consciousness, systems dynamics, human intelligence, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. Hamid is a practicing personal coach, clinical hypnotherapist and a management consultant in cultural change and transformation. Hamid holds a fundamental view that most things in life are possible as long as we can first imagine them.

Soltani Therapy is a set of perspectives and body of knowledge on what and who we are and why and how we interact with life the way we do. It is also about our experiences in life and how we are privileged to consciously change them as we please to create different experiences and realities.


His work is about the art of authentic knowing and he welcomes the opportunity to share his findings with audiences as far and wide as possible.