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Hamid Soltani

PG Dip PsycT, Bsc App Sc, Dip Health & Hyp

Registered Professional Member of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH)

Hamid Soltani is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind-Body (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) Counsellor and Life Coach specialising in personal transformation and development.

His other professional focus encompasses topics such as human and social consciousness, human intelligence, systems dynamics, ecology, complexity, cultural change and transformation. He is also an author of a book and has written many articles on human psychology, social and cultural topics.

Driving Vision


Hamid’s work is about the art of authentic knowing of this amazing mystery we call life and how best we can harmoniously coexist with it. He welcomes the opportunity to share his findings and therapies with audiences as far and wide as possible. He holds a fundamental view that most things in life are possible as long as we can first imagine them.

Body of Knowledge


Hamid has developed a body of knowledge and perspectives called - Soltani Therapy that provides necessary psychological lenses for understanding the nature of who and what we are, why and how we interact with life the way we do. It is also about our experiences in life and how we are privileged to consciously change them as we please to create different experiences and realities.

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A rich life is attainable when we wholeheartedly serve others with care and diligence so as a community we all prosper in life.

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