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The experience of being hypnotised is like being physically and mentally relaxed. It is a very natural state of being similar to the experience of a deep meditation or being in a peaceful trance. A trance is a state of hypnotism and heightened consciousness. Therapists skilfully help the client to naturally reach this relaxed and joyful induced altered state of consciousness. In this state, a therapist can achieve desired therapeutic objectives of mental relaxation and healing. With the permission of the client, the therapist works collaboratively with the client to identify and enhance undesired beliefs that do not serve the client.




The most important causes of mental and physical illnesses are mind generated forces. Their journey begins from our subconscious (the hidden mind) and work their way outward to our conscious awareness and ultimately influence the way we feel emotionally, physically and behave in life. These forces represent our internally held views of ourselves and life around us (i.e. what we deeply believe in and what persuasively governs us outside our conscious awareness).

Hypnotherapy is a well recognised and powerful technique for therapist to successfully address the subconscious hidden beliefs and drivers that are often hard to consciously deal with. Hypnotherapy works quicker and more effectively as it is designed to directly deal with the subconscious.


Other therapies using conscious dialogue to heal the clients mind often struggle to be as effective as hypnotherapy. For example, many people find it hard to consciously (at will) give up their addictions, anxieties, phobias or whatever issues that cause them sufferings. They consciously want to change their undesired behaviours, but their subconscious always have an upper hand and for this reason they often struggle to make the change consciously.



Clinical hypnotherapy allows the underlying issues within an individual’s mind, often perceived as blockages, suppressed emotions or negative pattern of behaviours responsible for the persons stagnation and struggle in life to be addressed by:

  • Identifying & diagnosing the real causes of the perceived psychological problem (the responsible driver beliefs).


  • Desensitising the originating negative emotions with a greater sense of understanding and appreciation of life’s lessons.

  • Replacing any current negative pattern of behaviours with those that are aligned with the individuals particular vision for appropriate action in life.

  • Transferring knowledge to individuals and allowing them to become aware of the mechanics and the triggers of their mind.


The complete course of therapy will allow the undesired held beliefs to change and produce a desired state of wellbeing in the client’s current pattern of behaviours.


Through out the hypnosis session, you shall stay totally conscious and never lose conscious awareness. As a matter of fact, you shall become more conscious than you can ever remember. Your subconscious mind temporarily relaxes and stops interrupting you on an ongoing basis so you can consciously enjoy the state of serenity and peace that hypnotherapy provides you.  



All psychological therapies and techniques have merits for helping clients. However, hypnotherapy is a well recognised direct method for dealing with the deeply guarded beliefs and views behind our psychological sufferings.

In other therapies, where the focus is firmly placed on the client’s conscious mind to solve subconscious initiated problems, therapist often struggle to bring about timely and necessary change to their clients.


This is why many well-intentioned practitioners, find it difficult to achieve the desired changes in their client’s situations when they resort to logical or cognitive reasoning as their only mean for healing the client’s subconscious issues.

It is a proven fact that hypnotherapy is the most effective and direct path for healing the mind issues.



Mind-body direct association (psycho-neuro-immunology) is the science of understanding the true relationship between mind and body. What we think and the beliefs we hold in our head have a direct influence on the health and wellbeing of our bodies.

Our bodies always mimic the way our mind works and how our beliefs constantly manifesting themselves into our physical realities that we observe around us. The concept of mind-body principles practiced at Soltani Therapy is based on the pioneering work of Greg Neville (ND) and medical applications by Dr Roozbeh Malekzadeh (MD).



Nature in its great wisdom and beyond our normal human comprehension, has engineered our mind and body to be intrinsically linked. It is a common knowledge that mental stress and concerns have adverse effects on our health. But most people are not aware how these links operate. This is the new science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.


Even though no one consciously wants to create physical illness for themselves, but sometimes innocently our daily concerns and mental worries about life situations can unfortunately bring about unintended negative health conditions.


The psyhco-neuro-immunology practiced at Soltani Therapy views our physical illnesses as our best friend for teaching us to reflect, review and change the way we think and conduct ourselves in life. Illnesses help us to self-regulate and course correct for better and healthy ways of living. This is about life teaching us to gain greater wisdom through adversities it presents to us.

What we could be watchful and proactively practice in order to avoid unintended physical illnesses is to become more aware and sensitive to how our mental views and beliefs are serving us in life. Our emotional ups and downs and our reaction to life events give us a good indication how harmoniously we are travelling in life.



By understanding how the mind drives our body, we can address many of our illnesses through conscious intervention, changing our restraining beliefs and unworkable perspectives on life.

In brief, mind-body counselling and therapies explore your internal thoughts, conclusions and beliefs that are adversely impacting your physical and mental wellbeing.

Through a combination of counselling, and hypnotherapy you shall holistically benefit by:

  • Learning how your health concern relates to your ways of thinking and internally held beliefs.


  • Learning the psychological triggers to your specific health condition. 

  • Increase your understanding of new ways of thinking that can relinquish your psychological stress.


  • Improve your health condition by thinking and behaving differently.


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