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Follow your development at your own pace & rhythm

Who You Really Are From Within


A joyful conscious departure from pointless daily sufferings. An important shift in personal perspectives workshop

The exploration of your essence & capabilities

Learning Objectives


This workshop allows you to explore what sense of self means to you and help you to experience;


  • A new perspective on who you are.

  • How you are driven day in day out.

  • The things that you want & why you want them.

  • The root causes of your daily sufferings.

  • What quality of life means to you.

  • How to consciously choose to live a happy life.




Your facilitator for this workshop is Hamid Soltani. His main professional focus encompasses human and social consciousness, systems dynamics, human intelligence, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. Hamid is a practicing personal coach, clinical hypnotherapist and management consultant in change and transformation. Hamid holds a fundamental view that most things in life are possible as long as we can first imagine them. His work is about the art of authentic knowing and he welcomes the opportunity to share his findings with audiences as far and as wide as possible.


Target Audience


Individuals who are ready and curious to look for new possibilities, happy to re-evaluate the current unworkable ways and wants, would like to consciously re-invent themselves in order to improve their lives on an ongoing basis.


Price $150 plus GST


Date & Venue


One Day Workshop with following date options:


               -  21 April 2017, 8.30 AM - 5.00 PM

430 Cottlesbridge - Strathewen Rd,

Arthurs Creek,Vic 3099

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