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The joy of explorations, growth and making a difference to our lives

Why change at all?

The reason we change anything in life is because we can see compelling reasons to do something different to the normal way and also as we realise that our current position is no longer serving us well. We recognise new ways are required to deal with our changing environment and circumstances. The intention for adopting change is always to better one's current situation. The general personal response to our changing environment means that we are consciously trying to assimilate change in our lives the best way we know.


What is it we want to change?

In general, we change things in order to protect what matters to us. Ultimately most desires that we have directly point to the quality of life that we would like to satisfy/ preserve. We see our individual quality of life to include whatever we perceive to be appropriate for us. for example you may view the health and happiness of your children as the most important thing to you or you may adopt a more universal view for the health and well-being of humanity at large. It could be materially based or spiritually driven. Remember, we change things only to maintain and preserve our quality of life. Otherwise why bother to change if the subject does not matter to us.

Why change our minds?

So if the quality of our life is what we would like to preserve, the only way to improve it is by doing something better or different from our current thinking and practices. So our mind, in terms of its overall potential for perceiving, rationalising and acting, has to change. Basically we need to change our mind in order to have any chance of improving the quality of our lives.


Why change our beliefs?

To change our mind, to think and act differently, first we need to change the fundamental beliefs supporting our current ways. This means that we can view our beliefs, for whatever they represent, only as potential (not an absolute state) and the ones we are currently holding could be changed or refined to reflect a more realistic version of life's reality and its governing rules. No matter how much we rely on our beliefs as the true representation of our reality, by definition, we must mercilessly  reject the opposite view. Therefore in such a paradigm, the potential for change in our current beliefs become a small possibility. We all possess a human tendency that subconsciously gravitates us to remain as we currently are (undisturbed) and hope the world to change around us while we are standing still and holding to our established way.


Why change resistance?

The reason we hang on to our current beliefs (what we know) is due to our resistance to seek any alternatives as potential options. We tend to reject the unfamiliar and radical beliefs in place of what we currently know and feel comfortable with. How do we actually know what we believe to be true is actually true, unless we can openly and unbiasedly examine the opposition. The art of being able to float between polarities and appreciate the two sidedness of everything is a great virtue. Once we expose our conscious vigilance to a more open and unbiased perspective, better chance we create for ourselves to have a well-rounded understanding of what we are dealing with and how we should intelligently respond to what is happening around us.


Why do we need to understand life diversities?

If we recognise that through diversity we are able to learn and grow, we can actively develop more flexibility and an appetite for considering other views and perspectives with the kind of respect that each deserve. To appreciate the importance of diversity in our lives, we need to realise the entire concept of existence rest on the world of duality and the recognition of the two opposing sides make us stronger in our knowledge and wisdom. The tree of knowledge is about knowing the opposing views and not just focusing on one side. Of course we always end up making decisions on what we need to do in life, but it is best that we are more informed from wider perspectives.


Why Choose to be Conscious?

In order to lose our resistance to diversity, we need to move away from the world of duality and see people and the world form the position of the creator and oneness. As much as possible, we need to remain untouched by the influences of our subconscious beliefs and recognise the position and importance of everyone and everything in this amazing universe.


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