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Taming the Subconscious

Taming the Subconscious - by Hamid Soltani


Your true prosperity lies in the mastery of your subconscious mind


Misconception about our Conscious Objectivity


The majority of us innocently believe that we objectively and consciously control and make decisions about our daily life events. This general misconception is primarily due to the fact that most people have no real understanding of how concepts get established and processed in their minds. Since we all like to be the master of our own destiny, it is somewhat convenient for us to assume that we are fully in charge of our lives. The truth is that very few people have any deep awareness of their true make up, their sense of self, what drives them, where and how their beliefs comes to be and how their subconscious ”likes and dislikes” influence their perceptions, thoughts and actions both positively and negatively.


What we need to realise is that when we confront a life event, our subconscious emotional reaction to the event, automatically results in the release of its matching chemicals (e.g. sadness, anger, etc.) into every cell in our body. This activity takes place without our conscious involvement as if consciously we have no saying in that. Once we consciously become aware of the feeling in our body, it will be almost too late for us in such a situation to remain objective whilst the corresponding chemical emotions are directly influencing and biasing our perspectives.


The person undergoing such experiences (most people and most of the time) will feel an unfolding force of emotional changes in his/ her entire being. One can almost instantly taste the emotion and feel the alterations in their energy field. Once these powerful chemicals are experienced in the body, the conscious mind will find it extremely difficult to reason objectively and to examine the unfolding life events from the position of greater and unbiased understanding. There is no way that conscious mind can rationally disengage itself from “how it deeply feels” - which is the emotional substance presented by the subconscious (emotions at the cellular level in the body).


Shortfalls of Logically Structured therapies


The problem begins when the conscious mind tries to look for answers within the context of its emotional biases. Wherever it looks for answers, it only sees the world from the emotionally painted views. In majority of cases, our claim for conscious derivations of meanings in a given situation is merely another way of legitimising and endorsing our earlier emotional conclusions and nothing else. We do it under the disguises that we are rationally engaged, thinking straight and being objective.


This is why many practitioners with the best of intentions, struggle to bring about desired changes in their patients/ clients when they resort to logical reasoning as their only means for healing the subconscious wounds. The application of cognitive therapies for an emotionally charged person is a wasteful pursuit. No matter how many times we try to help people through logical discussions, their emotionally influenced body would not have a bar of anything outside their emotional context, especially when they are already overpowered by such emotional chemicals.


How to look for Solutions


Therefore in order to have a clear head for looking for the holistic truth in our encounters in life and derive at real solution that can enable, empower and prosper us individually and collectively, we must somehow prevent our high intensity emotional feeling to be released within our mind in the first place.

This suggests that in order to be truly liberated from the biases of the subconscious and live a free, conscious and happy life, we must heal our subconscious from its short sightedness and its emotional chemical influences.  We must make it our business to turn those negative, unproductive beliefs about who we are and how we should live and act in this world to wiser set of beliefs that are aligned with our state of happiness and wellbeing. We need to consciously bring about change to our current beliefs that are no longer serving us and create a holistic understanding of the bigger context, healthy and balanced approach to life.  


Through the processes of conscious self-healing intentions and actions, we begin to clean our minds from unnecessary disempowering beliefs and begin to embrace openness to life; our subconscious suddenly stops generating negative emotions because it does not derive at untrue/ manufactured conclusions. Subsequently we will find ourselves more energised, in charge and happy.

However, it is important to note that subconscious is always ready to exert itself as the ruler and change the progress of our liberation and for this, the journey of Conscious mind empowerment over the Subconscious should be an on ongoing activity similar to the daily remembrance and meditation.


Conscious living tips


The following points can help the reader to develop ways of empowering his/ her conscious thoughts and maintain control over their subconscious mind moods.


  • Stay conscious most of the time – This means to listen to the internal voice as if there is another person present in your head making conversations with you (your Subconscious). You will know if you are in your conscious zone, when you are unbiased, liberal in attitude and curious for the sake of knowing the truth disregard of its consequences or applications. In this zone you can only experience Feelings of any kind as a “momentary phenomena” and you are consciously willing to choose to let the feelings go in order to grasp real objectivity for your deeper perception.


    We all have the capability to fall in and out of conscious awareness. However, some of us through lack of understanding and exposures have little to no desire to experience this. Others with prior exposure and understanding do frequently and at will chose to see the world from this position of clarity. 


    It is a sad fact that most of us are hardly conscious at all, even though we genuinely think we are. Of course, we all have consciousness, but it is usually an un-questioning and obeying servant to the Subconscious. Very seldom our conscious mind actually takes the initiative to stand up and declare its independence and exercise its kingly presence. Most of the time, whatever comes to the consciousness from the subconscious is treated as fact and in a robot fashion, the conscious immediately follow through to either justify its emotional conditioning or actually carrying through what it has been instructed to do. For those who wish to experience their conscious awareness, they should try various popular techniques for quieting their minds such as meditation or self-hypnosis.


  • Resist completing the picture of what you are Feeling - You can objectively watch the subconscious emotions rising within you and if you wish, you can also consciously refuse to embrace them as they could have side effects and blind your objectivity. You should seek to know the absolute truth and search for it with everything you have got. Do not try to justify and prove what appears as the “gut feelings” or any other feelings produced in your head.  It is often hard to distinguish between the emotions produced by the subconscious with its corresponding biases and other mysterious divine sources of truth (intuition). For this reason, look at everything objectively as imposters and disguisers are often hard to unveil.


    For example: You have just met your new boss and he begins to explain his expectations of you in this new role. Without knowing why, you may immediately feel a sense of insecurity/ fear rising within you. Even though the presented directives, at least on the surface, may be reasonable and are within the domain of your capability. Based on your subconscious presented fears, you may exaggerate and complete the picture in your head as hard challenges and ones that could stretch you beyond your comfort zones. If you could isolate the initial fears and look at what you have been asked to perform in an emotionless and objective way, you may complete this picture very differently with a sense of ease and self-empowerment. The issue for negative emotions rising from the subconscious could be due to the fact that your new boss’s expression or tone of voice may have been referenced against your subconscious view of your father that you could never pleased and were constantly scared of. Your new boss may have no real correlations to your dad, but you feel a sense of fear in his presence. This example highlights how much misunderstanding and confusion can spring up in what we perceive as reality and what the actual reality is in the domain of our minds (conscious & subconscious). Such commonly occurring human misunderstanding decreases our overall coherence, can increase our daily stress levels, takes away our real objectivity for intelligent decision making and weakens the effectiveness of our actions.  


  • Move forward by not thinking (unless you really have to) – This statement often appears as an unintelligent remark; however, by close examination you will understand how powerful this message actually is. What is suggested here is that you can discipline yourself to think at will and only allow the pending thinking to progress “if and only if” you have already established a desired outcome from your thinking process and you have reasonable confidence that you can get to a helpful answer. If with the best of intentions, you fail getting to the final answers, your pursuit is not wasted and can form a solid platform for your subsequent explorations.


    Before you commence with your topic of thinking, ask yourself that, “If I am going to spend “X” amount of time thinking about “Y”, am I going to have something of value at the end of my thinking process that can help me to achieve “Z” in my life? If the answer is NO, immediately stop your thinking process. Ensure that you do not waste your precious time and energy for only revivifying the unimportant/ head produced dramas on a continuous basis that you consciously know does not serve you and only encourages negative feelings and bitterness within you. If you think about the actual amount of time we really need for our conscious thinking activities, you may be surprised to learn how little time we actually require in a given day to think. Unless your job necessitates you to think, please stop thinking and when you are meant to think, ensure you get something decent and productive out of it. In other words - why waste so much time and energy for getting nowhere or at worst, end up with less value than what you have started with (having additional negativities and stresses)?


    For example - If I am thinking about what I should have for dinner, even though it is a simple thought, it is a good thought and I should allow it to progress as it would eventually end up with a clear final decision on what to eat tonight. On the other hand, if my mind is gravitating towards a concept of bitterness about someone who may have upset me in some form or shape, this type of thinking may not produce any real resolution for me, even if I spend hours repeating in my head and saying things like “why did she say that and why did I do that”. As soon as such thoughts begin to manifest, I should quickly and consciously stop it by saying to the inner voice “are you going to give me anything of substance when I finish with you?” and if the answer is “NO”, then I must drop such thoughts immediately as they do not pay off, even though my grieved subconscious mind is dying for me to go back and forth regurgitating the negativity for hours to no avail.  ALWAYS look for solutions than waste your energy crying over the spilt milk.


  • Develop higher dimensions for searching, thinking and acting - Your general interest for knowing and questioning the big picture of life and universe will undoubtedly open opportunities for you to more broadly examine your life within such wider context that can subsequently reduce the chance of dramatization and projection of your subjective experiences into your awareness. Similar to a storm in a tea cup.


    Try to appreciate the sense of oneness/ coherence in all things and value the contribution of all life constituents. This can open up a new dimension of wisdom within you and influence your daily perception of events and your corresponding behaviours.


     More holistically you look at life and understand it , less you worry or become trapped into your silos of thinking. In a wide and varied ways learn about all aspects of life, investigate different philosophies and question everything and everything from your childhood adoptions of various rules and beliefs all the way to your recent indoctrinations of any negative or rigid behaviours. Realise all pains and sorrows begin in your mind and they manifest into your body (impact on the state of health and beauty) and all other external bodies and objects in order to form and materialise your subjective reality.


    The obvious example of this could be witnessed in the state of mental perspectives, behaviours and actions of a wide range of people in society. At one end of the spectrum, you could imagine people who have no interest in the big pictures of life (silo focused) and constantly are engaged and preoccupied with the day-to-day dramas of life with lots of issues and worries about what confronts them. They may see their issues from a limited subjective perspective, feel highly stressed for inability to change things for better and mostly feel unfulfilled. At the other end of the spectrum, you could imagine certain people who are constantly searching for answers to mysteries of life and universe. They aspire to have peace and harmony in life instead of pain and sufferings. They want to know why they are here and question their purpose within the context of the systemic universe. Such individuals could be confronted with exactly the same issues and challenges in life and yet, they suffer less stress and are driven to be connected, remain conscious and live to learn.    


  • Understand how the mind works – In continuing your effort for greater understanding of forces around you, joyfully, become a high level expert in how the human mind works. It is quite easy to learn. All you require is your passion for knowing the essence of who you actually are and how you think and behave. Understanding the self will provide the necessary base for you to question your negative ways and consciously change your inner in order to bring about and maintain your quality of life.


    Have you ever thought why so many people have this serious aversion and deliberately avoid knowing about the characteristics of what goes on in their minds and in their lives. This could be due to the unnoticeable/ subtle dominant nature of the subconscious over the conscious mind, especially when an individual is not generally familiar with how to exercise “conscious will” over the emotionally charged experiences. Such individuals with disempowered conscious mind would also find it hard to sit still, relax and meditate as their subconscious hates to lose its control.   


  • Notice any small internal movements within you - Become more sensitive to your internal voices and the interactions between the Conscious and Subconscious minds (who is saying what to whom and why). Notice the emotion as it rises and learn about the type of pressures the subconscious places on the Conscious. Say to yourself, “I am noticing this internal dialogue” and here we go again and watch the interactions. Ensure you DO NOT get caught in your feelings and just become an observer.


    This is somewhat an alien concept for most people to comprehend and practice. The easiest way to realise is to note that there are “two of you” in your head. For example when you talk to yourself, it implies there must be two parties present (talker and listener) otherwise, no conversation could possibly take place. The notion of this identification opens amazing new possibilities and soul searching such as:


Who is talking to whom and which one is me?


Which one is the wiser one?


Who is the controlling one?


Which one should I really trust?


What are the mandates and driving force for each of these two minds?


What should they want from one another?


Are they part of a same system and serving the same master?


If they have different masters, how come they belong to the same organisation/ system?


With genuine intention and conscious practices, you learn to wake up from your undifferentiating concept of your mind and see the two aspects working within you.


  • Get in touch with your inner hidden drivers and beliefs – In my view this is the main reason why we are born into this life - “to resolve all leftovers and unhealthy views on life that are currently shaping us with our current energy fields of attractions and repulsions”. We owe it to ourselves to consciously roll our sleeves up and get to work. We need to expand on our knowledge of our systemic universe to allow the emergence of new insights that can allow our individual inner tapestry to be openly displayed and reveal our true purpose of being. This soul searching endeavour will fill in the missing link aspect of our place in the universe, changes our perspectives and bring the sense of purpose into our lives. It helps us answering the question of who we are and what we are made up, what we are to do and why?


Our combined hard and soft core intelligence allows us to survive, learn and develop objects to sustain us individually and collectively as social entities. There are many combinations of concepts and things we can perform in this life. The question you need to ask yourself is that “why do I end up having this set of understandings, aspirations, behaviours and experiences which are so different to anyone else around me”? What is it that uniquely defines me and decides I should do this and that?


 More we question the roots of our foundations, more we can change the underlying beliefs and drivers for better and wiser existence. We can consciously help ourselves or even get external help from holistic practitioners and address all underlying beliefs that are not in line with our greater good and harmony in life. Do not become slaves to the obsessive fuelled drivers as they become your masters and rob you from the potentials for peaceful existence.


  • Realise you can choose to be happy – Consciously and honestly ask yourself that “if I had a real choice in my life, would I rather be happy or Sad”? Remember at any moment in time, you can be happy or sad, or somewhere in between. Despite of what happens in front of you, you could choose to feel OK. There are absolutely no gains in being miserable. If you disagree, please write down the benefits of being miserable and read it out to yourself or even better, go public with it. You can imagine two people in an exact situation responding differently to the same event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For example, they could have both lost their jobs in an exact circumstance, but one is cool about it and looks at new opportunities and the other person is angry, revengeful, and sad or perhaps touch suicidal. The point here is not about being happy when you lose your job, it is about the concept of your real happiness that is not dependent on the fact that everything has to go your way or else.  A bit of wisdom could reveal that life takes us down different paths and changes our world constantly, we could just appreciate the journey and smile as we go through it. The reason we feel miserable is because our emotional mind (the subconscious) generates the sad emotional responses in accordance with its rigid and sometimes false expectations of life. Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to be happy”? If the answer is “YES” then, next time your subconscious whispers in your ears to be sad or miserable, you consciously allow yourself to intervene and say “my state of being is not dependent on my subconscious emotional ups and downs and for this reason, I choose to be happy, relaxed and follow my passion for new adventures”. Every time you challenge your subconscious mind, you regain more and more conscious powers and freedom from potential preoccupations with dramas and negativities.




Our deep personal cravings for living a happy life and experiencing a quality of life on a sustainable basis (in terms of physical and mental wellbeing) can only be achieved when our conscious vigilance rises to a level that we can: 1) consciously override our emotional biases; 2) easily change our redundant beliefs at will and: 3) recognise the context of the systemic nature of our world and its dynamic influences.






Unnecessary Stress at Work

Unnecessary Stress at Work - by Hamid Soltani

Prolonged levels of unnecessary stress at work is not sustainable


Have you ever wondered why there is such an expanding and ever increasing number of stressed, anxious and dissatisfied people at work today?  From my personal and professional experiences, almost everyone, especially the seasoned and experienced people that I talk to, express their undeniable sense of frustration, agitation and sadly in many cases, they reveal their true sense of hopelessness about their unsustainable situations at work.


Comments such as “I wish I could leave work right now and do just something else, anything, but this” are so common these days and are indicative of our collective sense of helplessness and hopelessness with our daily struggles and experiences at work. These are truly sad indictments of our collective social failures for not understanding and addressing human needs within the context of established systemic structures in our communities.


As a society, where have we gone so badly wrong to have ended up in such an unintelligent, incoherent and unnecessary dilemma? Instead of such self-inflicted sufferings, why couldn’t we engineer sustainable structures and capabilities for enhancing and strengthening our daily experiences with our multilayered social organisations and communities? The kind of structures that are designed around human beings and aimed to elevate their sense of belonging, worthiness, creativity and empowerment at work and at home. 


To stop history from repeating we must go to the root causes of these disturbing human conditions:


  • we need to reflect on our human essential needs and drivers that govern us 24/7;


  • understand what intelligent and holistic perspectives and methods we need to embrace in order to create a sustainable designs and appropriate vehicles that could address our collective social needs;


  • we need to reflect and learn from history - why we have not succeeded to-date?; and


  • in order to get “buy in” from our major constituencies, how can we bring about fundamental social and organisational changes without causing major disturbance to our existing “Business as usual”, no matter how dysfunctional they may be at present.

Cruel World

Do we choose to live in a cruel and ignorant world? - by Hamid Soltani

Time has come for us to urgently re-evaluate the fabric of our social structure and correct our declined civilisation. To appreciate the urgency, just turn on your TV and watch the daily news. It is truly disgraceful to witness humanity acting so shamefully.


In spite of these unjustified tragedies, I believe there is also a great opportunity for the humanity to ascend united in spirit and action against shameful, cruel and inhumane worldwide practices. As the matter of priority, we should re-evaluate, consciously participate and change what we don’t like around us. It is called intelligence. We can put an end to inequalities, injustices and insane unsustainable activities that currently are running rampant around our world. The type of appalling practices that majority of us find deeply disturbing and often feel embarrassed as a human race.


The following statements are truly shocking for all the decent human beings of this world.


I can only speak about my own personal experience that haunts me every time I witness inhumanity is taking place somewhere around the world. Things such as the news on human cruelties that often defy social decency, betray the basic human rights and values. The basic human values that surely as civilised people of the 21st century, we should instinctively know by now and fully live them on a daily basis (e.g. respect & care for others, love and acceptance, cooperation and harmonious existence).


By and large, I believe the true nature of human being is kind, caring and bubbles with genuine empathy for one another. You can always witness this in times of crisis when everybody pulls together, hand in hand, to help a fellow man in need, e.g. bush fires, flooding, etc. that brings out and demonstrate the human caring nature operating at its peak.


I also acknowledge that in some situations such as a bitter or misguided individual upbringing, deprivation of basic human needs or when we feel cornered, we have the potential to behave badly and conduct regretful acts outside our general good nature (e.g. petty crimes of passion, rape, stealing or physical harm to others). But I don’t believe, not for one moment that ordinary people of this world are capable of performing systemic terror on a mass scale on one another such as what is currently and mercilessly sweeping the world right now. The current religious and ideological feuds, hatreds and wars that even the civilians are not spared. It is almost like a virus that is tearing our world down into small fragments, creating social divisions and resulting in mass scale human sufferings. Almost as if everyone has gone totally insane and ready to pounce on the next person for any small differences they can possibly think of.


It feels somewhat alien and totally unreal for most of us to fathom how a very small number of individuals in this world could become so incredibly powerful, manipulative and barbaric that almost with some form of blanket immunities and cleaver disguises can systemically, ruthlessly and with great precision conduct terror against the rest of humanity. How is this possible? How can an incredibly small minority who are sadly morally bankrupt and spiritually less gifted than the rest of us, easily win over the masses, the ordinary people?  Sometimes the greatest human manipulations and barbaric actions are legitimised through effective misuse of media and adoption of clever psychological pretexts and lies.


As a clinical practitioner, I can't help, but notice the clever and elaborate disguises often used by certain interest groups to guide humanity into a predestined directions. Unless you deliberately look for these disguises, you would not see them or realise how these intentional subliminal messages are controlling our daily lives.


Such mind manipulation techniques include subtle suggestions and auto-suggestions in order to convince us how we should interpret what we witness and how we should think. If we observe carefully, we can notice them all around us in various staged propagandas, suggestive publications and passage of misinformation through our official media.


I can’t help but feel truly shocked by how our official systemic structure upholds unspeakable level of double standards and willfully allows deplorable and unfair practices to continue totally unchallenged in this so called civilised world. Almost as if genuine people wishes and opinions for peace and harmony do not count for much at all.


It is also clearly noticeable that even though we, the general public, empathise with the human sufferings which we witness and often become emotionally troubled by, however through constant repetition and daily exposures to these sufferings, we slowly become desensitised to what is actually happening around us, especially if it is suggested to us that the unfolding drama is not directly going to impact us, so at least for now, we can switch off and not become disturbed by them.


Due to the good nature of innocent and law abiding citizens of this world, such subtle mind control techniques are often not noticeable as people can’t believe such systemic evil could possibly exist so they continue to live in an innocent world that everything is done with the best of intentions, integrity and in the name of justice, especially if these actions are endorsed by higher social order and authorities.


People in general are innocent and it makes no difference whether you are a decent Board member, a CEO or a hardworking Clarke, whether you work for the government agencies, NGOs, private organisations or media. The clandestine and manipulative strategies are often conjured up at a much higher level that it is almost invisible to most ordinary people to notice. All you can witness is the aftermath of such devastating strategies resulting in chaos, cruelties and the human deprivations.


Did you know that the majority of the Earth’s wealth is received by the same nameless top one or two percent and the rest of the population receive leftover specks and crumbs, that is if they are lucky? Because we know for fact that a great majority of innocent people are left out of the prosperity equation in this world and with no real prospect of any respite anytime soon, they often unfairly struggle and many die through social neglect and physical hunger. Their death is of little or no consequence to the rest of the well to do world of the privileged class.


We all understand that amongst other things, governments are there to establish and uphold equitable and just laws to ensure a fair distribution of wealth amongst their citizens. That is an important job for any responsible elected government. If this is true then, it really makes you wonder what elaborate system of manipulation must be in place that even the governments have no saying in how wealth is distributed. Sometimes governments are also victims to these supreme powers. For example, when governments such as poor American or Australian are in debt by billions if not trillions of dollars, then who are they in debt to? Where does such vast amount of collected interest go to? Does this incredible amount of wealth ever see the daylight by the normal people of this world? Obviously Not as we know thousands are dying of hunger every day when our collective earthly wealth is almost unimaginable. Who actually own such powerful institutions and where did the money that was issued to the governments came from in the first place?


Our international, governmental and social systems are often deliberately manipulated at their central cores by certain invisible and highly influential people (invisible because we never hear from these people ever). As a result the system which is meant to serve its precious members (the humanity) becomes totally dysfunctional and keep on failing to equitably and fairly meet the basic human social needs.


Think about it? Why do we have so much unjustified sufferings and why are there many disadvantaged, poor and hungry people in this world? Why do we still have human slavery/ child labours/ child soldiers, helpless communities living in abject poverty and wars that none of us want? Are we that helpless or victim to these orchestrated inhumane practices? The ones that are intended to promote inequalities, exploitations and sufferings?  


As a human race, should we just give up, accept and live with these insane and inhumane conditions as our legitimate and ongoing ways of living?


I believe we deserve much better and can do better. The humanity collectively possesses abundance of creativity, intelligence and the necessary critical mass to change the world for better. We can consciously object, say enough is enough and refuse to live in fear, act like slaves destined to experience more disappointments, sense of helplessness and feeling socially trapped by these injustices. We can consciously refuse to be hypnotised by our faceless and deviace social engineers who love to promote social divisions, sponsor hate amongst humanity and maintain constant sufferings as a normal state of human existence.


If this is not who we are - ‘cruel and ignorant’, then how come we live in a cruel and ignorant world which we don’t subscribe to and we don't approve of?


Ask anybody you know, friends, family or colleagues, if they would subscribe to wars, cruelties or injustices to manifest in their lives? Ask them if they would welcome a war in their immediate neighbourhoods and if they are prepared to expect tanks and soldiers marching up and down their streets and killing people and destroying their properties and livelihoods. It will be highly surprising if anybody that you personally know in your life would subscribe to such inhumanities. Then if it is not the people who you know, then who actually sponsors such insane inhumanities? If the average moms and dads of this world genuinely want peace and harmony for themselves and their families, then who on earth sponsor wars and terrorise the world in our names?   


I believe a new era for human empowerment is here and we as a deserving human race can consciously change what we don't believe is honourably or holistically serving us and directly influence how we would like to live going forward.

Our so called leaders who consistently keep on failing us are either corrupt or ignorant which in either case they do not deserve to be in charge of their current positions and rule us like a bunch of gullible subspecies that don’t know or deserve any better and not worthy of decent human rights.


We as a human race should not tolerate political games, mass media manipulations and deliberate inactions while innocent people are being unfairly treated and subjected to continuous unnecessary sufferings and worst, may even die as ‘human cattle’ in our so called 'civilised world'. This is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.


Most of us ordinary people witness the sufferings and consequently feel a sense of internal anger and as a human race we feel the shame for living in such a cruel world. Especially when we all know, it is quite possible for us to live in a much more humane and nurturing world. Deep down, we know that we are truly smart and we have proved our intelligence over thousands of years of human evolution. We demonstrated that through our direct intentions and desires we can achieve anything we want. We send a man to the moon decades ago, yet somehow and very mysteriously we keep on failing to create a harmonious society in which all of us can holistically prosper through systemic coherence and mutual collaborations with one another.


My solution is Not about uprising against the state or getting into fight with the oppressors and manipulators of this world. Definitely NOT as this type of attitude is exactly what they thrive on –‘wars and destructions’ and we, the ordinary people can't possibly become and act barbarically like them. I am simply saying that we need to consciously become more aware that:


1) currently, we truly reside in an unspoken, almost an invisible social cage which we subscribe to and call it 'our life'. In

    this cage some of us get fed crumbs, the illusion of self-determination and the concept of imaginary freedom;


2) as long as we are within the cage boundaries and don’t question why there is a small group of influential individuals

    with unimaginable perks and powers outside the cage roaming freely, we may be left alone, given the permission to

    continue living our lives as slaves and may even be rewarded with extra crumbs as an incentive for conforming to their

    prescribed world and following their double standards ways;


3) the cage can immediately disappear if we choose to realise that we, the people are a far greater species, more

    powerful and intelligent than those who are unfairly managing us and keeping us captive within their woven paradigm

    and social definitions.


As some would say, we are similar to a lion that was told that he was a sheep. Therefore for a long time the lion lived and acted like a sheep because he was told so. Finally through conscious realisation, he recognised that he was a majestic lion with a great spirit and there was no cage big enough to confine him or his amazing abilities. Then he instantly became totally free and took charge of his own destiny. So for our own sake, please let's become awakened as quickly as we can, step out of the cage and vote those who don’t serve us caringly, honourably and equitably out of office. Do it intelligently rather than getting into direct conflict with anyone. Use your so called 'democratic powers' to shape your world the way you want.

So together we can recreate a world of peace and harmony to collectively enjoy and prosper. Imagine a world where there are no wars or conflicts. No one bothers you for practicing what you like or passionate about. No one will persecute you for your personal beliefs or views. Imagine you have a great and nurturing society that consciously promotes equality and human freedom. Imagine a society which by design allows you to explore arts and sciences as you please. Imagine a social structure that allows you to live a fulfilling life and supports you in your systemic endeavours and contributions.


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