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Why is the Green Party holding back?

The following comments are purely aimed to provide positive suggestions to the Green party in order to assist them achieving greater political prosperity.

I believe the Green party can proactively reach and positively influence the ordinary people in our society almost better than any other political parties. I believe there is a great opportunity here that perhaps has not effectively been tapped into and if this prospect is ignored, it may sadly result into a great opportunity missed.

In spite of all the great and diligent efforts that are currently undertaken by our courageous elected Green political leaders and members in pursuit of exposing the cruel and the unintelligent policies/ decisions made by our elected leaders of the major parties both in Canberra and at our State governments, Greens are not reaching the public as fast and as effectively as they should.

I sincerely believe if the general public truly understand deceitful nature of the current agendas and practices used in our political arena (the ones that are primarily designed to manipulate and rob people from their social and human rights), the ordinary people would immediately wake up and become totally disillusioned by the dishonesty exercised by major parties and they would willingly sign up to become Green members.

Greens are not doing enough to take the general public on the journey of discovery as to why our current political processes persistently failing our communities.

They are not clearly explaining why our political leaders failing to deliver social justice, equalities and sustainable practices. They are not visibly exposing the root causes of what is wrong in the fabric of our social structure so the public can actually understand why our local and global social systems are deliberately leaving the majority of population out of the prosperity equation.

The Australian people deserve far better from their current ruling politicians.

I am genuinely trying to understand why Greens do not take advantage of the proven/ existing available facts to discredit our current political practices, bring intelligence to how we should be thinking about our social structure, make the public fully aware of the root causes and ultimately win the general public’s hearts and votes.

I understand the major political parties such as Liberal and to a lesser extend Labour are directly influenced by a minority interest group of highly influential people (the faceless oligarchy elite class).

Since the Green party is not under such shadowy influence, then how come Greens do not expose the elite class publically, as many of us know, such powerful minority is the main cause of all social human miseries? There is abundance of evidential proofs and facts available that can easily expose the unlawful nature of such social class. Why doesn’t the Green party educate the public to why we have so much systemic social diseases and manufactured sufferings?

The Greens can develop systemic causal models to demonstrate their point and show how a responsible elected government can actually make intelligent and holistic decisions in order to serve its citizens and the environmental constituents.

Hamid Soltani

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