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We often stumble on great findings when we least expect them

Are we intellectually compromised by the intensity of our beliefs? Part-1

Can we become blinded by our over powering beliefs and subsequently pay for them dearly in life.

How many people do you actually know who consciously challenge their core foundations of thinking and behaving on a continuous basis?

Most of us never go there as we often and innocently buy into to the idea that we are one and the same with our thoughts. We are generally convinced that if it is in our heads, then it must officially exist and is legitimate. We often proudly claim ‘this is what or who I am’ which generally highlights our lack of curiosity for knowing what actually makes us internally tick in life and it may also be a way of saying to ourselves and others that ‘we are not prepared to question or change ourselves if we can help it’.

This explains why many people rather live with their daily sufferings while unconsciously holding tight to their current ways of being, the ones that are potentially responsible for their sufferings in the first place. Many of us hardly question our social conditionings or give ourselves a real chance to organically evolve and rationally refine our ways of being for better.

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