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New Book - A Civilised Beginning

A Civilised Beginning is a book with a clear mission to assist humanity to become more socially informed and united towards achieving civilised global social solutions.

The reader is given a unique opportunity to identify their life through the viewpoint of a child’s eyes as they develop within our current Western social system. This experience enables the reader to objectively reflect on their unfolding journey of mental development and also helps him/her to experience, once again, the psychological power of given social influences and conditioning upon impressionable young minds.

The narratives will then guide the reader to consciously participate in the process of personal self-discovery and explain why we need to favourably elevate our perception of ‘the self’ and rediscover our forgotten innate powers. It explains there is an amazing hidden capability or a powerhouse within each of us that can help accomplish most things in life for us.

This knowledge empowers the reader to self-reflect on his/her physical and psychological make up and explore the individual and collective human capabilities. Such insights help humanity to proudly stand up and make a lasting difference to their daily personal experiences and also reshape the ill-constructed social systems that have developed over centuries. Finally, the reader is inspired to rely on his/ her naturally given intelligence and explore possibilities that can help create a well-constructed 21st century civilised social architecture to amicably sustain and support our collective long-term harmonious existence.

The recommended list of readers who would most benefit from this book

  • Anyone with a deep sense of curiosity looking for intelligent answers to why we globally live in such unexplainably deprived and fractured social system. By deduction, people in this category are also likely to be propelled to explore intelligent and workable social solutions as described in this book.

  • Parents wanting to explore the best possible wisdom they can provide to their children that can enable them to strive for greater future possibilities. As parents we often struggle with what is right or wrong in life and frequently question how best we can raise balanced, healthy and socially interactive children. This book provides extensive tips on parenting challenges and suggests effective ways of dealing with broader influencing social forces and peer pressures.

  • Young people disillusioned with why society constantly and unintelligently letting them down and unreasonably prevent them to excel as deserving young human beings. It is worth noting that young people are the future hope of our civilisation and they are meant to be the custodian of knowledge and wisdom for the next generation.

  • People interested to know about their psychological make up that directly influence their conscious objectivity and shape their daily lives. This book greatly focuses on the essence of ‘who we are internally’ and how through such self-knowing experiences we can positively impact our immediate personal life and consequently help reshaping the larger world.

  • Media/ social designers/ reformers/ politicians interested in knowing effective and practical ways of establishing a sustainable and harmonious social structure for humanity. Since our current local and global challenges are uncontrollably confronting and surprising us on a daily basis (mainly due to their fast pace of change and unpredictable outcomes), our society is gradually losing its grip on what may be described as the last Bastian of our remaining civilised existence. As a race we are at the end of our tether and frantically seeking sensible social solutions from almost anyone with vision that can help our situation. This book rationally and incrementally places a wide range of influencing social factors on public display for all to see, contemplate and acknowledge. Then, the author painstakingly looks for emerging patterns and clues within this maze of social complexity that can help guide our thought process towards defining a new cohesive social architecture for serving humanity.

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