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Business Sphere

What 'Soltani Therapy Business Sphere' Is About?


Soltani Therapy Business Sphere is a set of principles and management practices designed to provide essential wisdom and perspectives to organisations.Such body of knowledge provides organisations the required intelligence to help them organically recreate themselves and to sustainably deal with their competing needs and their diverse stakeholders.



The conscious organisations of today that are genuinely seeking holistic, real and lasting solutions to their ongoing business challenges such as how to sustainably meeting their competing organisational needs, may find it difficult to find genuine holistic help in the current market paradigms and practices .


If we genuinely examine the success rate of management initiatives and interventions in adopting the current popular methods and techniques, we notice that majority have failed to deliver lasting expected results. How many transformation, re-engineering, restructuring and technological initiatives must an organisation endure before they realise they are not achieving what they are desperately seeking and that they need to ask more  fundamental questions about the true nature of their systemic structure and management practices.


             Unwise are those who repeat the same experiment over and over and expect different results.


Albert Einstein


Organisations need to bring about intelligent structures that can sustainably house all their stakeholder's needs while they are actively anticipating and responding to their changing environment. They also need to realign all their management practices to meet the needs of their people and their systemic interactions with their external stakeholders.


Rather than tinkering at the edges with the latest methods and techniques that only serve the unworkable current organisational principles, we need to place a especial focus on understanding the fundamental principles which govern the needs and the required capabilities of organisations. By enlarge, the current management practice are based on fragmented specialist perspectives and methods that when consolidated by an organisation as a total solution, fail to deliver a holistic or lasting outcomes. Without question, we have amazing ‘know how’ in creating technological capabilities, but in majority of cases, we fail to apply them effectively to meet our needs mainly due to our lack of understanding of the root causes of what we are actually trying to address.


Soltani Therapy Business Sphere is a collective set of principles and perspectives on how intelligent management practices can fundamentally reshape organisations, help them to survive and thrive in their complex and unpredictable world of change?

Where should they go and what kind of advice should they seek?


The success of organisations in holistically addressing their needs primarily depends on their ability to measure and understand their internal and external influences and to be able to do this on a real-time basis. This will happen when an organisation is committed and prepared to change its rules and belief systems on a continuous basis for better. It is the matter of utmost urgency for organisations intending to survive in a long term to:


  • Firstly, develop the necessary courage to fundamentally examine themselves in view of the bigger picture within and without their traditional domains;


  • Secondly, develop new paradigms of thinking and acting which may vastly differ from their past and current models.

The successful organisations of the future are those that take serious notice of their employees in the same way as they would for their shareholders, customers and the available technology enablers. Such organisations will have little choice, but to firstly understand the true cause and effect forces of all their constituents around them. Secondly, to be able to measure the rate and importance of each influence correctly, and thirdly, based on the dynamics of the market-place, to respond in a timely and effective manner to the most relevant and urgent causes effecting the organisation’s health.

Having such abilities within the control centre of an organisation, will allow it to constantly stay in charge and control of its destiny, environment and subsequently minimise those undesirable surprises and problems.


What actions should organisations undertake?


Executive brain storming and coaching services are offered on the following areas as there are several important actions organisations will need to undertake before embarking on any major future initiatives.


These include:

  • Development of  a comprehensive complex model of the external and internal dynamic influences around them;


  • Understanding and measuring the organisation’s current position within the total mix of these influences;


  • Understand the organisation’s operating culture, employees’ perspectives, fundamental values & belief systems and its capability in regard to the organisation’s current and future direction;

  • Analyse the disparities between the employer’s and the employees’ beliefs & values;

  • Align and bridge the gaps between the employees’ and employer’s values & belief systems;

  • Deploy technology, process and human solutions in line with the big picture.

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