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Hamid Soltani 

(Soon will be released) 

New Book Release

I am more than a machine

By Hamid Soltani 

(Soon will be released) 

(Soon will be released) 

Book Introduction

Whichever way we may look, we can’t escape from the fact that there are some fundamental and glaring flaws in how we collectively live in this world. We instinctively and intelligently know that what we socially witness somehow doesn’t add up or make direct sense to how we expect it to be.


Most of the population of the world (all mums and dads in this world) innately and naturally would love to live and raise their children in an inspiring and nurturing world of unity and yet, somehow they find themselves living in a divided world of chaos, suffering and turmoil. WHY?


We generally dislike and don’t regard human cruelties as the plausible civilised option as we diligently try hard to avoid such nastiness as best as we can. Yet, somehow we live in a world that it is quite normal and totally legitimate for a large scale world-wide arms industry to officially exist and to legally flourish with no limits, generating trillions of dollars for a handful of people in the world. On a daily basis, we shudder in horror as we witness how such hideous destructive arms are routinely used in barbaric wars everywhere around the world. How can such brutal contradiction continue to exist in our world?


We generally would like to experience personal freedom and expect our human values and rights to be respected by others. Yet collectively and internationally we witness our human rights and values to be systemically abused and compromised often by our own officials. How is this possible and why is it socially tolerated?


We are benevolent at heart and do not like to see massive disparity between have and have not, yet a small minority in this world are allowed to enjoy the majority of the generated wealth while many are starved and homeless. Why does our official system allow such inequalities to exist?


We may not admit openly, but deeply we all somehow feel connected to nature and respect our prized mother earth. We instinctively appreciate the preciousness and finite significance of our natural resources, yet on a daily basis we witness our fragile environment to be systemically ignored and ruthlessly destroyed simply for greed and no social advancement for our humanity. If it is not the masses, then who endorses and gives the green light for the systemic vandalism and destruction of our precious planet Earth?


Deep down we don’t quite understand why humanity has been so systemically deprived and not given the opportunity to live in a cleverly designed civilised world? Our global social designers have had plenty of opportunities through thousands of years of human evolution and easy access to the greatest scientific solutions available, They could intentionally and competently design, develop and deliver a civilised social structure that all of us can enjoy and prosper. Yet, our organised governing bodies have mysteriously failed to deliver such a civilised social platform. They somehow find it easier to land a space craft on a moving asteroid or develop amazingly complex weaponry than create a cohesive and functioning social world for their citizens. WHY?


Just remember the above mentioned failed global practices and injustices have existed for the entire history of humanity and are not just recent emerging phenomena. In equal proportion and intensity, so do the cries of innocent people throughout the world for justice and fairness also go back throughout our entire human history .The overall result of our social make up and the systemic structure has resulted in massive social, political and environmental crises.


The experiences of recent years have brought us closer to become more concerned about the future health of our global social system. Our young people by and large don’t trust official establishments anymore and are generally disillusioned about their future opportunities for jobs, housing and welfare. Our senior citizens are nervous with the current state of global financial institutions and question their prospects of living in a world of peace and stability.


The glaring gap between rich and poor has increased exponentially. The threat of barbaric wars across the globe has become our nightmarish reality and our social and economic concerns for refugees and globally displaced innocent people are the greatest humanitarian challenge for our international community.


The world is having a nervous breakdown. People are irritable, aggressive, tense, and anxious. Neurosis is on the march. It is galloping ahead at full speed and no one seems to know what is going on or why. Above all, no one seems to know how to stop this inexorable march to destruction. Year after year there is more illness, more suicide, more violence, more alcoholism and drug addiction. The world is coming apart at the seams. Valium is the glue holding it together - Dr Arthur Janov.


As a race, we are at the end of our tether and truly cannot continue to live in our current global social chaos, put up with our avoidable social pressures and endure to suffer more by serving and supporting the system that by design perpetuates our daily agonies. What have we done as a race to deserve such cruel treatment and what has happened to our brilliant human intelligence and ingenuity to show us the way forward?


Some of us in the west may say that life isn’t that bad and question what all this fuss is about. It is true that on the surface, some of us may have it easier. We may have a job at present, have holidays every now and then and our life may not be in immediate danger today. However, since we are all systemically connected and subjected to the laws of cause and effect, whatever we may have right now is not necessarily going to be sustainable as we face the future, especially when we are serving the system that exists at the mercy of many disadvantaged people in this world. Therefore it does not matter where we live or how prosperous we may feel at present, we need to be conscious and socially participate in this global systemic world or we all going to pay for it one way or another through the systemic laws that we cannot escape from.


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors – Plato.


The official explanations for our current social dilemmas often and conveniently point fingers at the symptoms or the innocents. For example greedy and cruel human nature is often blamed for our current social crises or sometimes officials blame a bunch of disorganised ignorant war mongers wearing black pyjamas in the desert who for some magical reasons have become so miraculously organised, wealthy and powerful overnight.


The truth is that there has never ever been a plausible official explanation given to the masses that can intelligently enlighten them of the true nature and the root causes of why the world is the way it is – dysfunctional and cruel.


This book is aimed to enlighten those who are interested in knowing the truth about how humanity is currently positioned in our global social landscape, how they generally experience world events around them, what fuels the current social chaos and how it can be effectively changed to create a world of sustainable prosperity for all.


In the search for the truth, this book diligently examines our human journey in life, starting from birth and explores how we unconsciously become socially conditioned as we go through our learning experiences. It explains how, as newly born infants, we bring many wonderful innate qualities into life that are well worthy of careful preservation and intelligent nurturing. It reveals that through the course of our family and school education process, some of these cherished qualities become adversely impacted and sometimes lost altogether. In addition, we carefully examine how our life-lasting mental views are formed as we go through the process of learning and growing up.


The findings also reveal the main root causes of our social failing and unmask some of the quandaries we are confronted with as a race. We learn that our current social demise is totally avoidable and it is not happening by accident or due to organic accumulation of a series of innocent mistakes. It argues that our diabolical social problems are deliberately manufactured and engineered in order to create the chaotic social system we currently experience. 


In order to search for real and lasting answers, this book takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery. It suggests that as we explore the nature of our human essence and understand our inner mental composition and beliefs, we slowly begin to develop our wisdom and become appropriately equipped to tackle a much larger task of changing the wider world.


We discover that our true freedom must begin within the confinement of our own mind and once we can create harmony and resolve our internal fights, then we can confidently project outwards and consciously reduce the external noise, create lasting peace with life and collectively prosper.


Finally and more inspirationally, this book explores what it means to be civilised and it offers potential solutions for how, as a deserving human race, we can reorganise ourselves and reclaim our place in history. It proposes a new social/ political architecture using peaceful and intelligent activities that are especially designed to cut through challenging social and political odds. It inspires people on how to become united and how to courageously demand their human rights and values from their respective authorities in a civilised and organised fashion.


I don’t claim to have all the answers, however, to the best of my ability, I projected conscious objectivity and stayed with the obvious and self-explanatory facts that should not be disputed by an average reader. 


My reason for writing this book gradually evolved as I began to see clearer through the jigsaw puzzle of our social confusions, joined the dots between undisputed facts and also felt morally obliged to help raise awareness as a way of positively contributing to my fragile global society.


Hamid Soltani


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