If we are born to live our own unique stories in life, then first we should find our own personal pens to write our stories 

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Always remember, that is the only possible way


At Soltani Therapy we help you to find your own magic & discover who you are and how to reinvent yourself for new life experiences

   Public/ Individual Services:


  • Life issues counselling & Coaching


  • Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic therapies


  • Clinical hypnosis


  Organisational Services:


  • Executive Advisory & Consulting


  • Leadership Coaching & Management

   Seminars and Workshops:


  • Public focus on human mind & life issues 


  • Management focus on intelligent practices, structures and leadership

The joys of exploring, growing and making a difference to our lives

To know our individual positions in this amazing life, first we truly need to know our own mind and our inner essence. We must understand and appreciate the mind’s incredible hidden powers and energies which constantly operate within us, attracting or repulsing people, objects and events into our daily lives.


We will also need to realize that most of our sufferings are due to the extent in which we have all been exposed and conditioned by society with its well-meant, but sometimes narrow wisdom, to shape us into its particular definition of a better and worthy human being.


Through acquisition of greater wisdom, we align ourselves with the laws and purpose of our existence. We can walk in harmony with life, consciously experience it and accept it truthfully for what it is. We can see ourselves as an integral part of its systemic fabric which has been specially created to protect us and allow us to grow gracefully within it. Soon after such coherence and alignment with life, we will begin to develop real clarity of vision about ourselves and our surrounding. We will be able to foresee our life events and to consciously influence the world around us.


If we refuse to understand the bigger intention behind our existence, the universe with its great intelligence will bring about events to surprise and force us to question our existing foundations, allow us to reconsider new possibilities and give us the opportunity to change our current beliefs. As we all know, we can only learn and develop ourselves through challenges and often hardships in life.


On the other hand, if we see ourselves separate from life and its fundamental essence, in our total inner confusion and fury, we often reject these laws for what value they may offer us and sometimes ignorantly see ourselves beyond their reach and influence. In this delusion we often boldly demand justice outside life’s framework and design. From this perspective, we begin to dislike many things around us and we act with bitterness towards ourselves and others.


When we are operating from a balanced and wise frame of mind, life becomes truly wonderful, its amazing magic can be felt deeply within our core and appreciated by us on a daily basis. Until we truly open our mind and learn life’s governing laws and embrace them totally and unconditionally, it is impossible for us to escape the ongoing sufferings caused by the events in our daily lives.


Hamid Soltani