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We often stumble on great findings when we least expect them

Do we choose to live in a cruel and ignorant world? Is it possible for us to consciously change the

Time has come for us to re-evaluate the fabric of our social structure and urgently correct our fragile and declined civilisation. To appreciate the urgency, just turn on your TV and watch the news. It is truly disgraceful to witness humanity acting so shamefully.

In spite of these unjustified tragedies, I believe there is also a great opportunity for the humanity to ascend united in spirt and action against shameful, cruel and inhumane worldwide practices. As the matter of priority, we should re-evaluate, consciously participate and change what we don’t like around us. It is called intelligence.

We can put an end to inequalities, injustices and insane unsustainable activities that currently are running rampant around our world. The type of appalling practices that majority of us find deeply disturbing and often feel embarrassed as a human race.

Hamid Soltani

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