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We often stumble on great findings when we least expect them

Be Systemically Useful all the Time.

Don’t get bug down by trying to find big answers, just be systemically useful all the time.

It is hard for us to know the intention of the big universe and all that is manifested within it. We really cannot be sure why the universe and everything within it actually exist and know what purpose they are meant to serve. For this reason, we can only speculate and some of us do it better than others. However, what we can do instead is to focus our investigation on the essence of what we can holistically observe such as the ecosystem which we reside in and try to objectively understand the nature of what does and doesn’t sustainably work in our world.

We can actually create a pattern of workable human interactions essential for delivering fruit full, fair and harmonious results. These outcomes must equitably be shared amongst all nature constituents (e.g. humans, animals, plants and natural resources).

If only we can systemically and collaboratively coexist for the good of all, we have done amazingly well as a human race.

By Hamid Soltani

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