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Our life experiences are for us to decide - Learn how

Life Sphere


What Soltani Therapy Life Sphere Is About?


Soltani Therapy Life Sphere is designed to provide essential wisdom and resources to clients to assist them in viewing life differently and to actually grow from traumatic experiences rather than becoming victims to them.

Too often we do not question our fundamental views even if they are the main cause of our sufferings. We continue to allow our thoughts and beliefs to drive our lives until we consciously realize the change in these drivers is essential for our survival.

Our actions in life are simply based on our interpretation of our past experiences. Therefore, we must pay attention to the potentially destructive powers of a tainted belief which in itself may have been based on an incorrect interpretation of a life experience. A biased belief can undoubtedly, cause much suffering and pain in our daily lives.

At Soltani Therapy you will have the opportunity to learn about your innate desire for freedom from your own self-imposed beliefs and restrictions. Such freedom may only be experienced when your ‘mind views on life’ have reached a level of understanding for such encounters to take place.

You will also gain an understanding of why you do what you do and this will help you to take a step back from situations in life, become more conscious of the bigger picture, wisely reflect on events and finally smile as you respond to situations.

The haste for personal development in itself can directly impact the natural evolution of ideas within the mind and result in immature and less than ideal comprehension of the truth.

At Soltani Therapy your development is nurtured and under no circumstances the process of awakening is rushed, as such action would hinder rather than help an individual's quest for greater understanding.



Soltani Therapy Life Sphere Services


All services offered to clients incorporate an element of self-awareness about life and individual environments. Clients are supported through appropriate coaching and inspired to learn via real life experiences.


Soltani Therapy shares its awareness with you in the following areas:


  • What drives you forward every second of your life and why such deeper self-realization can enable you to understand the reasons why you choose your particular path? Most importantly, you understand why a series of daily events have brought you to this point in your life.


  • The appreciation of the simplicity of life patterns and the power of its cause and effect forces are your real guide to wisdom. You will realize that your life is continuously impacted by everyone and every action that are taking place around you. These forces constantly reshape the life events into what is required, within a given time and place for your particular growth and development.


  • How you may develop courage to question, search and embrace views very different to your own. You can only embrace new awareness in accordance to your individual psychological makeup and your level of maturity.

Individual Consultations:

• Life issues counselling & coaching
• Psychotherapy
• Psychosomatic therapies
• Clinical hypnosis

Seminars and Workshops

Many topics relating to various aspects of the human mind and life issues are scheduled in accordance to individual or group needs.


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